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Your home’s aesthetics, energy efficiency, and market value will all increase if the windows are replaced. The Dream Remodel can replace any type of home window, whether you want a classic single-hung window or wish to add a chic bay window. In Boca Raton and throughout Florida, we are an authorized and insured installation of replacement windows and skylights.

We install the entire Provia vinyl window series in addition to installing the entire Andersen wood window line as an Andersen Certified Contractor. We are additionally a CGI Supply Preferred Contractor, a Starlight Skylight Platinum Certified Installer, and a PGT Select Contractor. Our home window replacement services surpass or exceed the warranties offered by the manufacturers, and we offer a complete material and workmanship warranty.

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    Your Dependable and Licensed Window Installation Expert

    The Dream Model - Exceptional Energy efficient window Installation

    The safety of you and your family as well as your home’s energy costs might be significantly impacted by drafty or damaged windows.

    By installing new energy-efficient windows, The Dream Remodel’s window installation specialists take satisfaction in assisting homeowners in lowering their carbon footprint and energy bills.

    With modern vinyl windows and their resistance to heat transfer, you can say goodbye to drafty windows and expensive energy costs. Every season will be consistently comfortable in your home thanks to vinyl windows’ assistance in maintaining the ideal temperature.

    The Dream Remodel will assist you in learning more about energy-efficient windows if you still have inquiries.

    Energy efficient window on the outside of the building

    Why choose The dream remodel for your window replacement?

    Best Value

    We strive to perform the highest quality workmanship possible and only use top-notch window products from leading brands.

    Great Support

    Also, we make providing excellent customer service a priority. If you don’t know enough about windows to choose the best ones for your house, our experts are more than happy to explain all of your options so that you can make a knowledgeable decision.

    High Expertise

    No matter the shape and size of your windows, or how many that you want to replace, our technicians are experienced and trained to complete any home window replacement project the right way and on time.

    Any Damaged Window?

    Window issues might develop over time due to typical wear and tear brought on by Natural Forces. For instance, after significant adverse weather, your windows may get fractures or shattered glass. As the panels age, they may also become trapped or refuse to stay open. For these typical window problems, The Dream Remodel provides reasonably priced replacement services.

    Rain damage to your property is another possibility, and your HVAC system may have trouble maintaining a comfortable inside temperature. To guarantee that your home and family are once again protected, we can send a skilled window expert to your home to examine the damage and perform quick, high-quality window replacement services. to stay open. For these typical window problems, The Dream Remodel provides reasonably priced replacement services.

    Window Types We Replace

    Your home’s perception as modern or conventional is influenced by the type and treatments of your windows. They accomplish more than just allowing more natural light and air into your house. Your family is safe and your possessions are shielded from exterior elements. You can change the way your windows look and work by having new windows installed. You can choose from a variety of window kinds when you choose The Dream Remodel to replace the windows in your home. The most popular windows we install are described briefly here.

    Bay Windows

    Bay window with bay sitting

    Bay Windows

    Bay windows protrude from your home’s exterior wall, creating a small nook on the inside. Despite their curved appearance, most bay windows are made up of three flat windows set in an angled frame.

    Single-Hung Windows

    Single hung window interior view

    Single-Hunged Windows

    A single-hung window, also known as a single-sash window, is made up of two vertical panels or sashes. Normally, only the bottom panel slides up and down, but depending on your preferences, the upper sash may slide instead.

    Double-Hung Windows

    Double hung window interior view

    Double-Hung Windows

    A double-hung or double-sash window is similar in that it has two vertical panels, but the difference is that both sashes can slide up and down. These windows typically allow you to tilt out the panels for easy maintenance and cleaning.

    Casement Windows

    Casement window interior home view

    Casement Windows

    Casement windows, which provide a less obstructed view than panel windows, are typically made of two solid glass panes installed next to each other. You have the option of having them swing open to the side or upward.

    Siding Windows

    Siding Window external view

    Siding Windows

    Sliding windows, like casement windows, have two single window panels that slightly overlap at the frame and are installed on a track. When you open and close this type of window replacement, one of the windows slides horizontally over the other.



    Skylights are windows that are installed in the roof of your home to provide more light when there is insufficient space in your walls to install windows. Skylights are installed parallel to the slope of your roof and can be fixed, manual, or electric-powered.

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