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High winds, torrential rain, and even hail caused by storms can damage your property both immediately and over time. Those terrifying, swiftly moving storms can harm your roof, siding, and gutters. The skilled home remodeling specialists at The Dream Remodel may be called to your house right away to assess the damage caused by a hurricane and make speedy, affordable repairs.

To reduce the possibility of additional, disastrous damages to your home’s inside, it is crucial to quickly fix any problems with its protective exterior. If you think there may have been storm damage to your property, call The Dream Remodel straight away, and we’ll be there soon away to conduct a comprehensive assessment. In order to determine whether residential storm damage repair services could be covered, we can even collaborate with your insurance provider.


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    Do I need a Roof Replacement?

    Storm damage replacement

    It’s not always easy to predict the weather. Even when you anticipate a storm, it can be challenging to keep your house safe from damaging winds, torrential rain, and hazardous hail. After bad weather, you can find broken siding, sagging gutters, or missing shingles. Minor damage can occasionally go undiscovered until there is a significant leak.
    Fortunately, if you believe that you require residential storm damage restoration, get in touch with The Dream Remodel. We are able to send qualified home renovation specialists to thoroughly assess your house. If the problem cannot be fixed, we can replace the siding, gutter, or roofing components as necessary. We constantly work to deliver prompt services at reasonable prices.

    Residential storm damage repair services may be covered by your insurance

    In many cases, homeowners insurance pays for residential storm damage repair and replacement costs. If you need help finding out whether your policy will cover part or all of the work that your home requires, a specialist from The Dream Model will work with you. We’ll contact your insurer to deliver an assessment of the damage and estimate for the cost of repairs. Then, we’ll consult the claims adjuster to determine how much the insurance company will cover. Our goal is to help you get the most out of the coverage that you’ve been paying for over the years.

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