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The majority of roofing problems appear following a severe storm or a significant shift in the weather. While many issues, such as missing shingles, are typically visible to the unaided eye, if the damage is not attended to right away, a lot can go wrong with a roof. 

If you ignore the problem, you can be leaving your house vulnerable to even worse problems. Before contacting The Dream Remodel for a roof repair, don’t wait for a leak to cause damage to your ceiling.

Call us at 954-888-8788 or contact us online to schedule a free roof inspection. We are licensed and insured roofers. We come quickly and affordably to remedy any damage.

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    Why choose The dream remodel as your roofing repair expert?


    The Dream Remodel is fully insured and licensed to perform a variety of roofing services Boca Raton and the entire Florida state. Our expert roofers can inspect your home for any roofing issues while backing all of our services with a satisfaction guarantee and industry-leading warranties.


    No pushy sales. No hard sell on repair work. We’ll always explain what is needed. Will not pressure you above what your budget can afford.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Our business has been built on reliability and a commitment to your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time so that your family can enjoy your home with peace of mind that you are protected.

    Regular Types of Roofing Issues

    The age of our roof, severe weather, and other factors might result in a variety of problems that may need to be repaired. Poor installation, strong winds, hail, and other flying debris are the main causes of problems. In general, a correctly installed roof should be able to withstand rain, sleet, snow, and temperature changes without any problems for 20 years or more. When your roof sustains damage, be careful to contact a professional roofer right away to examine and repair the issue, such as The Dream Remodel.

    Leaking Roof

    Leaking Roof

    You would think it would be easy to identify a leaky roof. Not quite. The hardest places to locate roof leaks are typically in your walls or attic. A roof leak frequently goes unnoticed until it has harmed the structure of your house. Any leaks must be repaired right away, and The Dream Remodel roof inspection will guarantee that we do it before it’s too late.

    Torn or Missing Shingles

    Torn or Missing Shingles

    This kind of damage, which is typically brought on by strong winds and made worse by an old roof, is frequently apparent from the street. You should have your roof evaluated if you see any missing or broken shingles because there might be other problem areas that just haven’t started to deteriorate yet.

    Cracked or Blistered Shingles

    Cracked or Blistered Shingles

    Your shingles may grow and compress as a result of prolonged exposure to severe temperatures. The underlying layers may become visible as a result of these motions causing cracks or blisters. If moisture behind the shingles builds up, your roof may suffer deeper harm.

    Damaged Pipe Vent Collars

    Damaged Pipe Vent Collars

    Your home’s roof vent pipes are protected by rubberized plastic collars, but with time, these collars can deteriorate and start to leak water. They are normally replaced when you put in a new roof, but depending on how much exposure they have to the outdoors, they can need to be replaced sooner.

    Missing Flashing

    Missing Flashing

    You typically won’t know if you are missing any roof flashing without inspecting the joints and valleys of your roof. Flashing is a hard, impermeable layer that spans any angled areas of your roof to ensure moisture does not enter the roofing structure.

    Ice Dam

    Ice Dam

    Ice dams are a serious problem no homeowners wants to face during the winter. The expert roofers at The Dream Remodel can inspect your home to determine whether the cause is an improperly installed roof, clogged gutters, or insufficient attic insulation or ventilation. No matter what the issue is we can fix the problem to ensure your home and family remain safe.

    Emergency Roof Repair Available

    You might have a significant roof leak as a result of the recent storm. or having numerous shingles that are missing? Whenever assistance is needed, you can count on our team of emergency roofing professionals. Following a careful examination of your roof, we can allay your concerns. Following a thorough explanation of your alternatives for roof repair, we’ll present a comprehensive quote. Let the recent storm and your damaged roof not keep you up at night; The Dream Remodel is here to help.

    is your roof repair covered by insurance?

    Yes, they frequently are, is the quick reply. Many insurance providers know to anticipate an increase in claims for home repair following severe storms. In a storm, your roof suffers the most damage, especially when hail is present. The roof repair specialists at The Dream Remodel can examine your roof to check for damage that might be insured. In order to obtain funding for the required repairs or perhaps a complete roof replacement, we can work with your insurance.

    Do I need a Roof Replacement?

    Do I need a Roof Replacement?

    There are times when roof damage is irreparable. The good news is that our expert roofers have years of expertise identifying that threshold and know when to advise a new roof over significant repairs.
    It may be simpler and more cost-effective to choose a roof replacement when there are numerous minor problems spread throughout a sizable area of your roof. If that is the case or the damage is significant, we will provide you alternatives for a new roof that will keep your house safe for many years to come.

    Schedule your roof repair services

    Don’t wait any longer if you’ve been debating whether to speak with a roofing company about your roof repairs or even a future roof replacement. During your free estimate, our staff is prepared to answer any questions you may have. Call us right away for additional details!