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Exterior door as the focal point of your home

Your exterior doors serve as the entrance to your home. Because security is the most important feature that doors provide for you and your family, it is critical to have safe, properly functioning doors. Another important aspect of exterior door installation that is frequently overlooked is the effect on your energy bill. Doors lose energy efficiency over time due to poor insulation and natural wear and tear. Properly insulated and fully functional doors keep drafts out and the interior temperature stable.

The Dream Remodel can assist you if your front door, sliding glass door, or interior doors need to be replaced for any reason. We are deeply committed to ensuring the safety and security of your home. You can trust that our door installation services will be done correctly and thoroughly.

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    Your Dependable and Licensed Door Installation Expert

    The Dream Model - Types of Door Installation

    The Dream Remodel can install a wide range of popular entry door types, styles, and colors.

    Any Damaged Door?

    Regular wear and tear, high traffic, and weather can cause doors to become dented, faded, and scratched. They may also experience difficulties with locks, handles, knobs, frames, and weather-stripping. For these types of problems, we provide cost-effective door replacement services. Emmons’ experts can help you increase the energy efficiency of your home by inspecting and replacing your doors to ensure they are as airtight as possible. This will also help to keep noise out. The Dream Remodel  can help you replace your sliding glass doors, aluminum storm doors, patio doors, or front doors.

    It might be time for new door installation if your external doors need to be upgraded or are structurally broken. Your home’s curb appeal can be quickly and affordably updated with a new front door. Numerous contemporary door options are available from The Dream Remodel, giving your house the aesthetic and functionality you want. The inside doors to your bathroom, bedroom, and closet can all be replaced or installed by us. The most typical door materials that the Dream Remodel professionals work with are wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, vinyl, and glass.

    Why choose The dream remodel for your door replacement?

    Best Value

    We strive to perform the highest quality workmanship possible and only use top-notch door products from leading brands.

    Great Support

    Also, we make providing excellent customer service a priority. If you don’t know enough about doors to choose the best ones for your house, our experts are more than happy to explain all of your options so that you can make a knowledgeable decision.

    High Expertise

    No matter the shape and size of your doors, or how many that you want to replace, our technicians are experienced and trained to complete any home door replacement project the right way and on time.


    The two primary types of interior doors in terms of appearance are flush and panel. The surface of a flush door is flat and devoid of any elevated elements or places. A panel door typically has a variety of panels built into the frame, some of which are elevated and others of which are recessed.
    However, there are many options available when it comes to interior door styles, including barn, bi-folding, pocket, sliding, normal hinged, and more.
    The Dream Model specialists can install any interior doors you select, regardless of the materials, designs, or types you select.

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